IR Optics

PLANT FOR OPTICS has available excellent production facilities with modern equipment and technological know-how for manufacturing of precise IR optical components in various forms:
– IR materials : Optical grade Ge, Si, others
– Diamond turning of parts up to 250mm diameter by SPDT on Ultra-precision diamond turning lathe
– Surface machined by SPDT: plano, spherical, aspherical, aspheric-diffractive surfaces, free form
– Traditional polishing of IR lenses and protective windows with round and non-round shapes
– Multilayer Production System Symphony 9, Tecport Optics INC, USA for HEAR IR coatings in MWIR and LWIR ranges
– INTLVAC DLC PECVD coating system for DLC coating in MWIR and LWIR ranges.

-Contact measurement and critical analysis of optical surface profile by Form Talysurf PGI Optics
-Measurements by XONOX VT 1200 PS vertical workstation interferometer and ZYGO 6″ VeriFire XP/DG high performance laser Fizeau phase-shifting horizontal mounted interferometer. Available various f/number Transmissions Spheres 4″ , 4+ (5,2″) and 6″ output apertures.
-Non-contact scanning of surface profile with sub-nanometer precision by white light interferometer ZeGage plus 3D Optical Profiler
-Precise and robust contact measurement of lens central thickness on ground, polished and coated optics in production as well as in quality inspection by measuring system XONOX CT 200 IV
-FTIR spectrometer Shimadzu IRAfinity-1 for Reflectance and Transmittance measurements at wavelength range 1 ,28 to 28.57 microns

custom ir optics
custom ir optics
custom ir optics
custom ir optics
custom ir optics

Cementing and assembling

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