• Certification as per ISO 9001:2015


  • Investments

    Plant For Optics expanded its production portfolio. A new facility for production of precision optical products from crystalline materials, which operate in the infrared spectrum, opened doors. The company offers a closed technological process of production and quality control with new and modern equipment from leading and renowned manufacturers.


  • Anniversary

    Plant For Optics’ 45th anniversary


  • Investments

    Plant For Optics invested in the manufacturing of innovative products – precision optical lenses for digital cameras with high technological quality, working and market advantages.


  • Investments

    a) Certification as per ISO 9001:2008 and OHSAS 18001

    b) The production facility was modernized and improved with the purchase of a new generation of high performance machines and measuring devices. All purchased from leading companies in the field of developing such equipment. The productivity of the company was optimized. The manufacturing of new products for the company’s product list like high-precision optical components from chemical and thermosensitive optical glasses and crystals began.


  • Investments

    The company enhanced its competitive ability by purchasing a brand new multilayer coating system, the most modern system in the whole country of Bulgaria.


  • Plant For Optics is a joint stock company


  • Certification to ISO 9001:2000


  • Plant For Optics is a private limited liability company


  • Plant For Optics is an autonomous enterprise within the Opticoelectron Optical-mechanical Plant


  • A new modern workshop for precise optical components


  • The workshop for optics manufacture was set up